The mound is located on a hill, northwest of the Devil’s Pit called a natural depression. The site is triangular. On the south-western slope of the mound, 2-3 m below the site, there is a 25 m wide terrace. The southeastern and southwestern slopes continue to pass to the ridges that surround the sides of the Devil’s Pit. They have embankments about 1 m high and 6 m wide behind the pits. The slopes of the mound are of medium steepness, up to 10 m high.
The mound is surrounded by pits, overgrown with mixed forest.
1996 P. Tebelškis investigated an area of 70 m2 on the site, found a cultural layer up to 35 cm thick with lined and smooth ceramics, a fireplace and columns.
The mound dates back to the first half of the 1st millennium.

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