Bradesiai Oak – a botanical object of Lithuanian natural heritage was declared a natural monument in 1960. Grows in Bradesiai village. Tree species – plain oak (Quercus robur L.). The volume of the oak trunk at the height of 1.3 meters is 612 cm, the height is 29 m. The tree has reached its natural maturity and is in the phase of stagnation.

Once upon a time, the holy day of the valley between the Bradesiai mound and Lake Sartai there was a huge oak grove. Holy Trinity called Tiltalemiškiu (Tilteliomiškiu). People remember that the bridge once was here. The bridge was considered mythological. He connected the Hill of Souls and the Hill Velikuškiai  with Bradesiai hillfort. Forest name comes from the bridge name. Now, the oak grove is remembered by one remaining tree – the Bradesiai oak, and the sanctity of the latter – the altar built by the representatives of the white faith. In this place, people of the Baltic This place is often gathered by people of white faith to celebrate holidays, perform ceremonies.


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