While a group of local activity (VVG) was doing an international cooperation project “Atrasta istorija” (eng: discovered history) they made a route for cars and bikes around 12 manors of the region. By going this route you have to beat over 210 km and visit manors of Petrošiškis, Salos, Tarnava, Gačioniai, Bagdoniškis, Antanašė, Kraštai, Ignotiškis (palivarkas), Onuškis, Ilzenbergas, Panemunis ir Rokiškis. Some of them are fully renovated and brought up to the second life, others are decayed and still waiting for their turn to be revived.

Every manor that is on the list has its own unique history that only some people know. With the help of museum workers the volunteers of VVG put all information together and made audio guides with 5 different languages: in Lithuanian, English, Latvian, German and Russian.

While making a route they thought of everything: on the map you can find all important information about the object and everything that includes it like educational programs, rest places that are nearby, camps, where to stay or eat etc. Public institution “Savas Rokiškis” who serves this route can rent audio guides, mediate and do organizational services such as book a trip, take care of food, help to get to know better the region and its people.

A route around manors in Rokiškis region is a great opportunity to see a beautiful nature and get to know the history of Rokiškis region.


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