Writer, winner of the Lithuanian State Premium, born in 1906 in Trumpiškis village in Rokiškis district. Since 1928 L. Dovydėnas starts cooperating in the press. Started to sign the articles  under his last name or nickname Vilimėlis. In 1931-1932 L. Dovydėnas’ collections of short stories “Censorship is allowed”, “There was a man without legs” are published, and a few years later – a melodramatic two-volume novel “Looking for a friend of life” about the life of provincial teachers. The writer became famous in 1936 when the novel “Brothers Domeikos” was published. It depicts the everyday life of the village and explores a particularly topical problem at that time – litigation between people in courts. The circulation of the book was redeemed so quickly that a reprint was allowed. This book won the Lithuanian State Premium in 1936.

In 2007, the Lithuanian Writers ‘Union established the Liudas Dovydėnas Prize for the best Lithuanian novel (patron L. Dovydėnas’ son J. Dovydėnas).

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