Aušra Gudgalienė, Deputy Director for Cultural Activities of Rokiškis Culture Center, said that the employees of Rokiškis Culture Center annually write three projects for the international organ music festival, which is dedicated to Czech music teacher Rudolf Lyman: “The first, artistic direction is concerts. The second is education. These are educational programs for children or the music school community, teachers. And the third direction I could call is the perpetuation of memory. Its goal is to create signs, phenomena in the city that would speak about this personality, about his work, about what he started, and we continue. “

2020 the focus was on the first graphic school of singing and organ music in Rokiškis – a special table was hung, framed by a photo of R. Lyman and his students. And this year the initiators of the project came up with modern street art drawings to decorate the Rokiškis Music School, which will leave a memorial about the personality and music of Rudolf Lyman.

Author of the drawing – Marius Skrupskis

Photo – Andrius Stanys

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