Dear, Please be informed that the Government resolution on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 from 2020 March 13 mass and cultural events, including concerts, plays, etc., are suspended or canceled, and visitors are not served in museums and libraries. The Rokiskis Tourism and Traditional Crafts Information and Coordination Center will not organize excursions […]

What to do in Rokiškis in March?

Rokiskis Tourism and Traditional Craft Information and Coordination Center 1-19 1st round of the Lithuanian schoolchildren’s folk art competition Silver crown at Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas Gymnasium (M. Riomerio st. 1) 1-30 d. Exhibition “Woolen goodies” of Rokiskis district felt lovers at Salos Craft Workshop (Kaštonų St. 13, Salų vlg.) Dec. 19 11 am Children’s Handicraft and […]

What to do in Rokiskis in January?

Rokiskis culture center: 9th 6 pm Movie “Perfect date”. Ticket price 5,30 Eur 13th 6 pm An evening of memories and songs for Freedom Defender Day. 15th 6 pm Comedy “Maybe I lack magnesium?” Ticket price: 15.40 Eur / 17.40 Eur / 19.40 Eur / 21.40 Eur / 24.40 Eur. 16th 6 pm Presentation of […]

What to do in Rokiskis in December?

Admire the 210 small and gorgeous, big greenshawl christmas tree, search for more (surely find), and more… the list for each taste below. We are waiting you in Rokiskis! Rokiskis Tourism and Traditional Crafts Information and Coordination Center Visit our souvenir shop – maybe you will pick a gift or pick it for someone. 6th […]

What to do on the weekend in Rokiskis?

June 14 from 16:00 commemoration of mourning and hope day in Rokiskis.          June 14  19:00 22nd premiere of theater “Šnekutis”. J. Marcinkevičius “Limitation Period”. Bajorai Culture House.         June 15 from 11:00 “Bath Day – 2019” in Velykalnis Park (Sporto st. 13)       June 15–16, 100th anniversary […]